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Chanel Larkin Milwaukee Trans Woman Murdered

Another Transwoman of color stolen from us.

Pride Fest Milwaukee "FORGE is deeply saddened to report the death of Dana A. Larkin (also known as Dade and Chanel), 26, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Larkin was killed on Friday, May 7, 2010, in part because of anti-transgender hate bias."

"While we are grateful that the suspected killer has been caught, we urge the District Attorney to consider adding a hate crime charge to the current charge of first-degree reckless homicide. We also note that some media outlets have been inaccurately characterizing Larkin's gender and pronouns; we encourage the respectful, consistent use of feminine pronouns to refer to her."

"FORGE sends its condolences to Dana's family and friends. We also note that when anyone is killed or harmed in a hate-motivated crime, those who share the victim's identity are harmed as well, and may react with the same fear, anger, and despair as other crime victims. We ask our community members to be caring, compassionate, and supportive of each other as we all try to cope with this terrible crime."