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"Tranny" This pejorative is not up for debate

Defamatory Language: “fag,” “faggot,” “dyke,” “homo,” “sodomite,” “she-male,” “he-she,” “it,” “tranny” and similar epithets.
Ref.GLAAD Media Reference Guide 8th edition

The original announcement that Q Cinema Fort Worth, Texas will make Ticked Off Trannies with Knives" it's 'first centerpiece' film at it's film festival included this invitation to transgender people to watch the movie and then engage in dialogue
"opening an avenue of discussion between ticked-off typists and the filmmakers and cast."
This is illustrative of the blatant gay transphobia and generic straight transbaiting and cyber bullying that transgender people are forced to endure.

After I complained to key sponsors of the Q Cinema a watered down version appeared containing a quote from the GLAAD call to action suggesting that GLAAD was the first and only organization ever opposed to this movie.

The latest statement contained these key paragraphs, one a lie, and one a pathetic truth.

"Q Cinema staffers had made the determination to show the film before the trans tempest began stirring..."

This is a OUT RIGHT LIE.

Worldwide condemnation of TTWK was voiced by the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies, myself and transfolk everywhere communicating clearly that we were OUTRAGED and communicated this to the gay community in the Dallas Voice begining FEBUARY of 2009, after Luna announced this project on THE SAME Dallas voice article transfolk were voicing our objection to the defamatory slur "Tranny" as it had been so often indiscriminately used in that publication. That was long before this movie was funded or even in production.

Combined with the cascade of gay publications who then ganged up on planetransgender attempting to force 'tranny' on transgender people, this crescendo would have been impossible to ignore by Luna's friend and Q Cinema director Tod Camp, and in fact was probably the motivation Luna needed to so enthusiastically pursue ticked off TRANNIES in the first place.

Sad pathetic truth:

"Q Cinema, first and foremost, has been a supporter of local filmmakers and Israel has been a long-time friend of the festival..."

Truth is first and foremost Q Cinema chooses self promotion and profits over transgender dignity, and wellbeing. This is the sad truth.

Israel Luna has won this Pyrrhic victory by pasting a pejorative defaming transgender people in theater marquees, but at what cost?

Luna has alienated transgender people from the gay population. He has Instilled a disdain and anger at anything gay in transfolk for generations to come.

It is revolting that some gay people so enthusiastically capitalize on transgender violence, then find ways to morally justify these despicable actions to themselves and hateful fear mongers, regardless of sexual orientation.

And then they have the balls to claim that they are welcomed in their churches and community groups!

No thank you. Transgender people do not need you or your awful hatefulness of tricked off trannies with knives.