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DADT Repeal? WOOT-WOOT! Watch out you napping heterosexuals It's a free for all!

The cat's out of the bag! The jinks is up, so to speak. The real reason for our efforts to repeal DADT have been revealed! We want to s**k you off in your sleep!

Filed in I needed a good hysterical laugh circular bin is the latest comedy of idiocy from family research something or another titled "Family Research Council: End Of DADT Means More Gay Rape In The Military".

Are the good people at FRC concerned for our behinds? Oh no. This is too funny.

"Here's how the Family Research Council envisions things going if Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed: first, more straight soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will be fellated in their sleep against their will. Then, commanders afraid of being labeled homophobes will refuse to do anything about it. Eventually, the straight service members will quit out of fear."

"On a conference call with reporters today, FRC Senior Fellow for Policy Studies Peter Sprigg delivered the results of what he said was the first-ever study of "homosexual assault" in the military. Joined by several former military officers opposed to allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the armed forces, he warned Congress that the DADT repeal language currently under discussion with the agreement of the White House will turn the U.S. military into a terrifying free-rape zone where no heterosexual is safe."
Source Evan McMorris-Santoro | May 26, 2010, 5:07PM

Have any of these fools ever spent a day in uniform? Woman getting raped by hetero men is EPIDEMIC in the military and unwanted pregnancy and disgraced woman make up the highest percentage of less than honorable discharges.

This gay hate groups propaganda is representative of the culture of denial in the military.

Man up generals. It's your precious subordinates you are protecting who are raping the daughters America has entrusted to you thats the cause of the ruination of so many good troops. Damn.


HRC and Log Cabin Republicans Political Choices

By Kelli Busey
Friday August 29, 2008

HRC has Shown there true colors according to Ethan St. Pierre activist and radio personality by donating heavily to the Log Cabin Republicans and giving nothing to the Stonewall Democrats who's unwavering support of an inclusive ENDA was undoubtedly noted.

The Log Cabin Republicans and the Stonewall Democrats disagree on the potential significance to LGBT people of McCain's Vice presidential pick Sarah Palin. Although it would be expected for Republicans and Democrats to disagree, it is in the interest of LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL and TRANSGENDER people that we consider whom the political parties and HRC are aligned with.

In a statement regarding the McCain vice presidential nomination Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon stated "Gov. Palin is an inclusive Republican who will help Sen. McCain appeal to gay and lesbian voters.” and see her as a willing partner in protecting the same sex benefits of Alaska State employees while Governor. The selection of Palin was simultaneously applauded by Family Research Council's Connie Mackey who stated that "I am elated with Senator McCain's choice and applaud his continued commitment to creating a pro-woman, pro-life, pro-family administration.

The Stone Wall Democrats stated "As Governor, Palin currently supports the efforts of radical activists to strip Alaska residents - specifically state workers - of the most basic domestic partner benefits" and that she has a record of supporting radical anti equity groups such as Focus on the Family, the Concerned Women of America and the Family Research Council.

The Bay Windows noted that "In her run for the governorship in 2006, the Anchorage Daily News reported that Palin supported a constitutional amendment to the state constitution in 1998 to ban same-sex marriage and, later, supported putting a measure on the ballot that sought to ban benefits for the same-sex partners of state employees."

I hope wealthy white gay males and lesbian females fully comprehend what 4 more years of the bush legacy would mean to our personal freedoms and liberties. If bush, ahem, I mean McCain(HRC and Log Cabin Republicans) are elected you will have to be sure to say goodbye to ANY progressive legislation.

AS Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks so eloquently stated "It's a dick move". It's embarrassing when your moral, political and ethical adversary so clearly sees the folly of your life.