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CBS Superbowl ad Focuses on exclusion

CBS Superbowl ad Focuses on the exclusion of pro choice and LGBT people and in doing so CBS has become a mouthpiece for the ultra right wing conservative movement in America.

Prove me wrong.

CBS blog promotional post Superbowl piece makes it clear

CBS had rejected this ad in 2004 from the United Church of Christ which advocates for the inclusion of all people in faith because of "provocative, potentially controversial themes" while promoting the ultra right wing extremist group "focus on the family" as a representative view of wholesome and middle of the road, midstream all American life. It was not Tim Tebow's message that I objected to. The problem is that CBS allowed and facilitated 'focus on the family' efforts to place it's name in front of millions of viewers while Disallowing any other add from anyone who is different.


Tell CBS: Reject Focus on the Family Ad, or Accept United Church of Christ Ad petition

Five years ago, television network CBS rejected as too controversial an advertisement from the United Church of Christ (UCC) that suggested churches should be places free from discrimination, including discrimination based on age, gender, race, and sexual orientation. At the time, CBS told the UCC that the network had "a longstanding policy of not accepting advocacy advertising."

Fast forward five years, and now CBS is prepared to run an advertisement during the Super Bowl -- the largest watched television program in the entire country -- from vehemently anti-LGBT organization Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family has a long history of spouting anti-LGBT beliefs, from calling gay marriage perverted, to saying that homosexuals were a threat to civilization, to telling girls that sex education strips them of their modesty. On top of that, the advertisement that Focus on the Family plans to run during the Super Bowl will take an anti-choice viewpoint.

A history of anti-LGBT actions, coupled with tackling an issue like abortion -- and CBS doesn't think that counts as controversial?

Click here to tell CBS that they should reconsider their decision to run the Focus on the Family advertisement, or offer the UCC another chance to air their advertisement. Anything less sends the message that LGBT-friendly churches are controversial, while religious organizations that demonize LGBT people and women's rights are considered perfectly acceptable.