CBS Superbowl ad Focuses on exclusion

CBS Superbowl ad Focuses on the exclusion of pro choice and LGBT people and in doing so CBS has become a mouthpiece for the ultra right wing conservative movement in America.

Prove me wrong.

CBS blog promotional post Superbowl piece makes it clear

CBS had rejected this ad in 2004 from the United Church of Christ which advocates for the inclusion of all people in faith because of "provocative, potentially controversial themes" while promoting the ultra right wing extremist group "focus on the family" as a representative view of wholesome and middle of the road, midstream all American life. It was not Tim Tebow's message that I objected to. The problem is that CBS allowed and facilitated 'focus on the family' efforts to place it's name in front of millions of viewers while Disallowing any other add from anyone who is different.

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