Trans411: New Transgender Resource for locating Medical and Community Services Worldwide!

Locate a transgender recommended Doctor, Surgeon, Clinic , Psychologist, Therapist, Counselor, Support and community or activity group anywhere worldwide.

The sad truth is that many therapists are actually taking advantage of you, the unprotected uninformed patient, and are only concerned with bring you back for another costly visit.

Trans411 is a user friendly site that allows you instant access to the information that will save you money, and very possibly the heartbreak of becoming drawn into a costly and time consuming process of finding out your current health provider is unqualified or only concerned with their own job preservation.

From the Tran411 website about us:
"Trans411 was created by under-employed trans webheads in San Francisco, California. We feel very lucky to live in a city where we have easy access to so many resources, but we know from experience that in too many places it is difficult for people to find quality and compassionate care. Though 'trans' is included in our title, and our target audience is transgender, transsexual, intersex, genderqueer and other gender non-conforming people we have a feeling our site will be able to serve a variety of constituencies, and acknowledge there is a great deal of diversity in gender identities and beyond."

"We hope that this site allows a wide array of people to share their local knowledge about providers, groups and organizations that serve our community. We've taken a great deal of feedback from our past projects, such as being too United States centric or not including the ability to edit entries, and incorporated these ideas into this site from the get-go."

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