Demand JUSTICE for Eagle Atlanta at City Hall and Protest Police Refusal to Testify

Demand JUSTICE for Eagle Atlanta at City Hall!

Fighting for our Atlanta Citizen Review Board

The ACRB has submitted 10 subpoenas for Atlanta Police Officers for allegations of misconduct on a raid on the Eagle Bar last fall. All 10 officers have refused to make statements to the ACRB, and now it is up to the Committee on Council to issue subpoenas requiring them to comply. Mayor Reed is refusing to take a strong position on compliance with the ACRB (Full article posted on the BLOCS site).

WE NEED TO COME OUT IN FORCE ON MONDAY, MARCH 1ST AT 11AM AT CITY HALL to demand the Committee on Council issue subpoenas for these officers and the other 18 which have not complied with the ACRB requests.

-Atlanta BLOCS & Lambda Legal


Project Q Atlanta
Police accused of stonewalling Eagle probe

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