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Post Op Transgender Woman Megan Stabler becomes Man Again to Marry

Megan Stabler Switchs from Ms to Mr to Marry Steals Keisling's Quisling Crown.

Megan Stabler, HRC Shill, just sold out the transgender community in the finest of HRC fashion. Stabler just provided the haters proof positive to their claims our gender is simply a lifestyle choice we can simply want.

Megan Stabler please read this!

Transgender people in Texas love our Lone Star but we have a burden, it’s called the right wing and along with that weight we have a responsibility. We must remain faithful to our brothers and sisters living our lives in truth, dignity and authentically. We are all more than aware of the spotlight we live under and how tenuous our lives are. Obviously Stabler never got that memo even though she profesed to being aware of those obligations in this youtube of the San Fransico 2008 Black Tie.

You know, in 2008 when the rest of us were outside protesting
HRC's betrayal of transgender people Stabler was yucking it up with them inside.

She ?temporarily? Changed her gender so she could marry a woman. OMG! Mr. or is it Mrs. Stabler? The right wing will delight in the coming decades reminding us of our apparent switch- ability.

I have met Stabler years ago one day in Austin along with the great Benedict Mara Keisling. She is condescending, arrogant dismissive and a twit. Now she proves her merit by abandoning her own gender to 'prove her love'?

Stabler no matter what you do you cannot rationalize this to the haters and their ilk regardless.

Even if you truly felt it was an act of love.

And here's why. Not all of us are privliaged like you.

I just started a full time job, the first since I went full time in 2007. I Have risen like a phoenix from homelessness to couch surfer, to a two year stint PROVING MY AUTHENTICITY at a part time job finally landing a full time job.

Haters blindsided me the very first day on my full time job starting a rumor that I was using the men’s room. The management 'overheard' the conversation and the next thing I know on my second day of my life saving job I was in the Human Relations office having the core of my gender being put into a spotlight, my very existence questioned.

My right to life was in the balance.

They wanted to know if I was a man or woman? Were they wrong when they hired me, was not my transition complete? Was I really in the men’s room? OMG!

Satbler this was not just a disservice. Not just an unkind word. This will go down in infamy and haunt us forever.

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