Post Op Transgender Woman Megan Stabler becomes Man Again to Marry

Megan Stabler Switchs from Ms to Mr to Marry Steals Keisling's Quisling Crown.

Megan Stabler, HRC Shill, just sold out the transgender community in the finest of HRC fashion. Stabler just provided the haters proof positive to their claims our gender is simply a lifestyle choice we can simply want.

Megan Stabler please read this!

Transgender people in Texas love our Lone Star but we have a burden, it’s called the right wing and along with that weight we have a responsibility. We must remain faithful to our brothers and sisters living our lives in truth, dignity and authentically. We are all more than aware of the spotlight we live under and how tenuous our lives are. Obviously Stabler never got that memo even though she profesed to being aware of those obligations in this youtube of the San Fransico 2008 Black Tie.

You know, in 2008 when the rest of us were outside protesting
HRC's betrayal of transgender people Stabler was yucking it up with them inside.

She ?temporarily? Changed her gender so she could marry a woman. OMG! Mr. or is it Mrs. Stabler? The right wing will delight in the coming decades reminding us of our apparent switch- ability.

I have met Stabler years ago one day in Austin along with the great Benedict Mara Keisling. She is condescending, arrogant dismissive and a twit. Now she proves her merit by abandoning her own gender to 'prove her love'?

Stabler no matter what you do you cannot rationalize this to the haters and their ilk regardless.

Even if you truly felt it was an act of love.

And here's why. Not all of us are privliaged like you.

I just started a full time job, the first since I went full time in 2007. I Have risen like a phoenix from homelessness to couch surfer, to a two year stint PROVING MY AUTHENTICITY at a part time job finally landing a full time job.

Haters blindsided me the very first day on my full time job starting a rumor that I was using the men’s room. The management 'overheard' the conversation and the next thing I know on my second day of my life saving job I was in the Human Relations office having the core of my gender being put into a spotlight, my very existence questioned.

My right to life was in the balance.

They wanted to know if I was a man or woman? Were they wrong when they hired me, was not my transition complete? Was I really in the men’s room? OMG!

Satbler this was not just a disservice. Not just an unkind word. This will go down in infamy and haunt us forever.

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Anne said...

Why not just fly to Vegas?

No B/C, no blood test required.

Just valid ID and $200.00

Mike said...

What another wonderful example of the nihilism of certain parts of the trans community who prize their own orthodoxy over a personal choice to legally protect one's family (as in wife and soon-to-be-born child).

It's pretty obvious that this blog poster doesn't know Meghan or even pretend to know her. If you did, then you might laud her work on behalf of the trans community and stop with the loaded terms such as "HRC shill".

How much self-awareness do you really need to see the kind of derogatory, scape-goating and frankly unseemly judgementalism in this post is exactly the sort of crap heaped upon trans people that you're railing againt?

planet trans said...

In Texas our obligations as high profile transgender people are nonnegotiable.

If you identify as transgender in the Lone Star you are at the very leading edge of social change and extremely visible.

And given the latest with Nikki and the previous court battles lost and the anti-transgender legislation bound to be reintroduced next year we are losing and losing big time.

What Stabler did might have been in her eyes a grand gesture of love but to the people who are poised to strip us of our legal gender identity it was a gift from heaven.

Her actions will be used as proof positive transgender people can be cured of revert to their genetic gender at will.

You are fooling yourselves if you think the right wing isn't fully aware of which justices grant us gender marker changes. There are scant few of them and they will go after them with abandon.

Once those Justices are voted out it will be impossible to obtain a gender marker change in Texas.

You can bet your bottom dollar the religious right and their ilk are scheming on ways to force us who have already transitioned back to our birth gender, especially us who were born in states that do not amend or reissue birth certificates.

You can hide your head in the sand or say you are defending individual’s right to choice. Ether will get transgender Texans rights driven back centuries.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Proof is always in the pudding!

There is not a woman alive who fought their way to being whole who have would what this "woman" has done... Megan Stabler by "her" actions has just confirmed exactly what happens when Transsexual is continually conflated with Transgender... Transsexuals always loose and they loose big because the "I want to keep my male privilege cause I earned it," nothing to loose Transgenders play fast and loose with stolen transsexual narratives!

Megan is the classic endstage transvestic fetishst and the sooner the "community" wakes up and tosses these people from our midst the better... That is unless you really want to reap the backlash they are quickly calling upon us all!

Sara said...

Agree with the author 100%. She (Meghan) should be completely ashamed of what she has done to those of us who have struggled so hard to fix our lives and continue on in our target sex.

And not just in Texas, but everywhere.


Sara ...

Anonymous said...

No, I don't know Meghan Stabler, nor do I know her circumstances. But a woman born transsexual who changes sex does so forever. I can't imagine declaring myself to be a man for love or money. Just couldn't be done.

There's nothing purist about becoming anatomically female because you really are female inside and then staying that way forever. That's just normal! But going back, for whatever reason other than to undo a mistake, is something I really do not understand.

If someone changes sex to female then declares themselves to be male, maybe that's legitimate in some way, but that person is not what I thought they were. And no longer gets "she" from me. Really, they're asking for "he" from now on. The law is not a game.

I agree with commentator Kelli. Someone is probably going to suffer for this. Maybe a lot of people.

Kate LBT said...

I considered at one time marrying my partner in Minnesota under the color of law while I still had an 'M' on my driver's license. I saw it as an act of protest against an unjust system: The only thing allowing my partner and me to marry when other lesbians could not was a single letter on a small plastic card.

Would I then have been subject to deliberate misgendering, because I chose to make a sacrifice in the commission of an act of protest against injustice?

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant tactic by HRC!

In one motion, a (the) prominent transgender agent du jur of the transsexual-hating org has both brought same-sex marriage in Texas to the forefront...

...*and* shown the world that gender identity is really nothing more than a choice.

As Anne pointed out, if this had really been about Federal benefits or legally protecting one's family, a quick trip to Vegas would have done the trick without the sellout.

Instead, this goes in the column of, "Things HRC has done to harm transsexuals". And before someone says, "no, no; this was Megan acting on her own", I would point out the following:

-HRC has become much more...sneaky about their involvement in anti-trans actions. Think EQMD and the HRC operative.

-HRC has a history of befriending one transsexual at a time, using them for political gain and then tossing them out or holding the door open for them to leave. Only to be replaced by another star-eyed optimist.

Well played, Mr Solmonese.

Well played, Mr. Stabler (just respecting Megans self-identity, something we all strive for).

Miz Know-It-All said...

@Kate LBT,
If you had been willing to sacrifice the women who's live depend upon being able to correct and move on for your own personal benefit... then yes you would have received the same ire that Mr Stabler is getting now!

This is not a game and if you are indeed a woman then play by the rules for women and stop trying to drag a male privilege you've no right to into the picture!

Mr Statler exercised his privilege and he did it, as many men do, entirely at the expense of women without a second thought! Even forgetting he has now legally made himself male again. This usage of his privilege speaks volumes for who really lives inside that head of his!