Watch Domaine Javier on MTV True Life Transgender Cross Road

We all know by now that Domaine Javier was expelled from a Southern Baptist nursing school for revealing her transexuality on this MTV "True Life" episode. But this is an amazing show. What about you? Where do you feel you are in the honesty curve?

"I can snag a guy anytime I want, I go out on a lot of dates.
As long as I'm passing as a woman I never tell them I'm really a guy. As long as I'm
passing I can never allow myself to be in love. I can't allow myself to be that close to anyone. Inside my heart I am sad to be honest. People are admiring me for the fake me. It will be a huge weight off my shoulders when I can be honest."

This is a huge issue for all transgender people especially during early transition for gorgeous people like Domaine Javier. Her transition brought her to a crossroads we all are familiar with. Honesty verse deception. The emptiness of physicality. What would you do? What are you doing? How dangerous is your life?


planet trans said...

Domaine Javier is giving herself the opportunity of a lifetime. Her life because if she continued on the wrong fork of the transgender road eventually her friends and cousins worst fears would have been realized.
One day we all would have read about her murder in some dark ally.
Honesty is no guarantee in life except I will promise you this. If you are honest about your transsexuality you will feel good about yourself and god forbid you are murdered or beaten for your gender diversity you will have the strength and courage you would never have had if you deceived people about who you are.

shemalevicki said...

I am sorry , this is too much. Ok, that boy she was trying to tell, look just as sweet, but some of you so called strait boys do that. O my gosh and Mrs Thing, you trying to play not black is just so wrong. O my gosh.

People ask me am I dark skinned Brazilian or Dark Indian at times, I say hell now I am black black.

They all like, you sure, I say, baby turn the lights off, and you might not see you but you will not see me. I will suck you dry before you know it. LOL

I am a bad person at times. Well anyway. I understand not telling people but that is a young tgirl thing. Its like a game, and yall know life is a game. Games are wrong but if you don't play you don't survive.