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KRXQ Radio Hosts Have History of Obscenity Involving Children: TAKE ACTION

According to the Huffington Post article KRXQ Radio Hosts Have History of Obscenity Involving Children: FCC Report the radio station that recently aired a 30 minute diatribe belittling and attacking transgender childern have been fined $55,000 in 2004 by the FCC for it's attacks on womankind and children.

Listen to Audio of the 2009 KRXQ Broadcast advocating for beating gender non-conforming children by clicking this link

Why are these misogonystic, transphobic and homophobic people at KRXQ still allowed to broadcast? KRXQ offered no apology even after over 10 of major advertisers pulled there support.

The following companies have not removed their ads from KRXQ after learning of this outrageous behaviour.

Please email these companies and voice your condemnation of KRXQ. Please feel free to copy and past this email;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please pull your advertising from KRXQ Radio in Sacramento.

I listened to KRXQ Radio’s segment about trans-gender children. I can’t imagine anything more cowardly than two grown men advocating violence against children.

Obviously the disk jockeys have the right to their opinions, and the right to voice them. But framing Rob and Arnie’s rant as a First Amendment issue is disingenuous. As a station they are responsible for the ignorance and hatred they promote. People–children–get killed over these issues. There’s more to free speech than the right to mouth off, and more to life than ratings.

Intentionally or otherwise, your continuing advertisements on KRXQ Radio indicate your support of Rob and Arnie’s positions. It is the DTAA's intention considering the present absence of a public retraction or apology from Rob or Arnie, to bring this situation to the forefront of consideration at KRXQ by exerting fiscal pressure.

We hope that you will join with the companies that have already endorsed diversity and equality by pulling your advertising from KRXQ until such time as KRXQ makes a public retraction and apology.



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