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YouTube Obama Signs Transgender Inclusive Hate Crimes Bill

President Obama Signs The Matthew Shepard/James Bryd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act Into Law - 10/28/09

Before signing into law The Matthew Shepard/James Bryd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act President Barrack Hussein Obama commented about how this law was needed for LGBT people. He could not be more right! TRANSGENDER PEOPLE THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA!


President Obama HRC Black Tie Speech Transgender Inclusive?

Did President Obama's powerfull speech at the Black Tie dinner make a positive concrete commitment to transgender inclusion?

Or was Obama simply stirring the muddy waters of LGB politics to placate HRC's ego maniacal gay power brokers and allow them once again a sense that it's ok to double cross transgender people at their convenience?

Rebecca Juro's article at Bilerico project "What Barack Obama really said about transgender rights" is a excellent read prior to viewing President Obama's speech at the Washington DC National HRC Black Tie Dinner.

I believe that Obama made an incredible statement from day one of his presidency by including ALL Americans in the dynamics of shaping the national profile. This inclusive structure will serve freedom loving people for generations to come.

We have nothing to fear but fear it's self. Is change incremental? Julian Bond has a answer to that and we should be proud, so proud to have our transgender civil rights movement be recognized as allied by the NCAAP.

Incrementalism is a bitter pill to swallow for transgender people to accept since we have always been on the fringe of the political and religious herd, powerless, making us the weakest and most vulnerable.

Knowledge of the Christian religion will quickly assure you that the people who claim to speak for 'conservative' Christians are simply hate mongers and have no basis in the bible to back up their bigotry.

Haters will claim their reward when they are judged.

Do the political right wing assertions that granted equality we will victimize children in the bathroom have any foundation in reality? Really!

All we have to do is continue on as productive citizens, in our jobs and some in faith institutions. Some of us are incensed and will loudly not accept incrementalism and demand change, NOW. Those voices are essental for the progression of transgernder human rights and meanwhile, we all just keep on keeping on.


Pro LGBT Obama Vanishing Act | 1st 100 Days

Has Obama used our LGBT community for political fodder and now quietly kicked the cannon so as to let the flotsam float away?

At Bilereco Project Author Alex Blaze's article "White House website de-gayed" presents some very disturbing information. Well worth the click..

My personal take is Obama is a politician, nothing more, nothing less. I'm involved as an ally with the ACLU and have been made very aware that Obama's political promises are only as good as the vigil that watches and the magnitude of the responds to his inaction.

On the web

planetransgender Obama : Torture is NOT Tolerated by America


President Obama, Bishop Robinson and Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA)

HRC email received 01-17-09

"Dear kelli,

Tomorrow, in one of the most humbling honors of my life, I will deliver an invocation at the first event of inauguration week.
Though many of us were deeply upset when President-elect Obama chose Proposition 8 supporter Rev. Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, the fact that he also invited me – a proud gay man – is a hopeful sign of our president's commitment to reach out to all Americans.
Now it's up to all of us to capitalize on this moment and ensure that President-elect Obama works for equality.
Join me in asking Obama to take the next step by supporting HRC's Blueprint for Positive Change – a roadmap for LGBT equality."~Bishop V Gene Robinson

I support HRC's roadmap to equality because it is in the best interest of the entire GLBT community.

What brought bishop Robinson into this picture above with the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies(DTAA) is the gulf of misunderstandings and ignorance of the established church about transgender and Queer issues and sensibilities. The Dallas Black Tie inc. which was hosting Bishop Robinson and presenting him with the Elizabeth Birch Award later that evening was ironically named for a former president of HRC who is credited with saying she would "include transgender people in ENDA over her dead body" .

The Dallas Black Tie Inc. presents HRC with roughly $400,000 dollars annually from this event alone. I protest HRC for inexplicably blindsiding Queer and transgender people in a backroom deal, removing us from ENDA (HR)2015 and assenting to Congressman Frank in dividing our communities human rights movement in 2007. The words Bishop Robinson and I spoke during or conversation were often foreign and left unresolved misunderstandings. In my heart of hearts
I still beleive and have personaly witnessed in our own church's how transgender people because of our highly visible hacking, beating and shooting deaths are being used by HRC as sympathy garners and a method of raising money to party at "Gala Events".

A despicable and unchristian practice.

Yes Joe Solomese and Bishop Robinson, others have also noticed.

HRC will have to prove to me by being a loyal and trustworthy advocate over time you are a worthy ally. This is a demand, not a request and is nonnegotiable.

The fact Bishop Robinson attended the Dallas Transgender event speaks volumes of the progressive nature of our Episcopal Diosese of New Hampshire and we should give accolades to Bishop Robinson for this great achievement, however we cannot assume Queer and Transgender concerns are being voiced at the table with the same passion and equity as Gay and Lesbians are by Bishop Robinson.

I personally feel that the Transgender Community has an opportunity and an obligation to step up and let ourselves be heard NOW. We can not rely on ANY central group to secure our place in history. It is up to you and me everyday in small and large ways to be the change.

Kelli Busey
Jan. 17, 2009

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies(DTAA)