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Rachel Maddow interviews Family member Bob Hunter

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Since this is a blog and I don't adhere to Maddow's high professional standards.....

Bob Hunter is a cockroach, and drawn out of the moist darkness of obscurity he is sent scurrying to distance himself from the family and attempts to obscure the relationships and influence he and national prayer breakfast family members have in the national politics in each others countries.

This interview should immediately motivate President Obama to issue presidential decrees to distance church and state.


Rachel Maddow interviews "ex-gay" activist Richard Cohen

Maddow questions Cohen about the discredited lies accredited to a disbarred ex gay source in his book that were used by the Ugandan government to justify it's "Kill Gay" bill. Cohen like a rat scurries backwards as he claims his third edition will have those passages extracted so "that it can't be used against gay people'.

The blood of murdered LGBT people in Uganda is on your hands Richard Cohen.