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TransAction ConVergence Survey "Who we are" results

The people who identify under transgender transsexual unbrella are now embroiled in a epic struggle to identify ourselves. This crisis has brought many splits in our community with the word 'tranny' being at the epicenter.

There are two arguments, one advocating the use of 'tranny' and one adamantly opposed to it's usage, with both sides supported with valid contentions.

One contingent of the LGBTQIA spectrum decries the usage of 'tranny' under any circumstances. This group contends that 'tranny' is a pejorative as presently understood, demeaning and demoralizing. This same contingent contends the word 'tranny' has never been accepted widely and in fact is synonymous with other pejoratives such as nigger and conveys the same negative connotations.

The other argument is for our reclaiming the word 'tranny' thereby establishing our self identity and revolting against modern conventions about the word. This component of our community also righteously calls out the most important tenets of our community, inclusiveness and respect.

In that this survey was conducted in good faith and all respondents allowed equal opportunities to voice opinions.

It is revealed that:

The majority of peoples identifying under the trans umbrella and allies find the word 'tranny' offensive when used by cisgender media since it's portrayal is enviably negative.

It my hope the people of our community who persist in it's usage and promotion take heed to there own council, respect our communities wishes and desist from this behaviour that is so harmful to us.

Full responses from survey found here

Note* All questions were allowed more than more than one response so some answers do not equal 100%.