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Jesus Christ, Kelli Busey and Whoopi Goldberg Give a Damn

I hope my transgender friends join this effort and are counted! Its the only way people will know you are alive. A New PSA from We Give A Damn.Org!

My shared story on

I am transgender male to female and having completed many of the prerequisite steps in rectifying my gender expression to match my identity and yet I still felt something was missing. I felt a unexplainable emptiness.

That was untill a cisgender friend finally convinced me to attend a service at a Metropolitan Community Church. The next few Sunday's my legs would buckle, my heart would roar and tears of joy fell from my eyes with uncontrollable joy!

After all these years of denial I could show love for Christ without reservation, without being belittled, without shame.

This is a love story, a begining, a wonderfull joining with Christ as I walk in his footprints on a shared 'path less taken'.

I wanted to share this what after all these years remains the very most important part of my transition. I hope you like it.

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