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Philly man charged with chopping up a transgender woman after sex and dumping her in vacant lot

Police believe Strawberry Mansion resident Charles Sargent used a axe to dismember a transgender woman allegedly telling his girlfriend he 'discovered' the victim was a 'man' after sex.  According to police Sargent's girlfriend heard noises upstairs and when her boyfriend came down he had the victim's body wrapped in bloody bed sheets warning her that if she said anything he would kill her too.

The police searched Sargent's home and found a wig, shoes and a bloody screw driver.
Sargent didn't get the memo, Transpanic is a lie not an alibi.

UPdate: Police have identified the victim

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Praying for Zapata's Family and Hoping Andrade Rots and Spends Life with Inmates who SEE who he IS

Alleged Murdered Allen Andrade sat remorseless in court while his defense lawyers slank to the deeps vile depths of scum inorder to mitigate down a possiable lie in prision for Andrade for the heinous death of transgender woman Angie Zapata.

He ate candy during the breaks.

I sit glued praying that Andrade pays with his life. Yes there is no official death penalty in Colorado.

Andrade should have to spend the rest of his earthly days the PREY of the convict justice system. In prison, rapists and pedophiles are made to have sex with by a man with HIV.

That's right, Justice for us. Let that man rot in hell. He an make room in hell for his defense lawyer while he's there.