The Truth Wins Out

In response to a Equality Texas http://equalityfederation.org/ action alert I attended the Truth Wins Out protest of the national Narth conference held in Irving Texas.
This misguided group beleaves homosexuals are simply hetrosexuals with somthing that can be "cured", a very warped and destructive concept.

Being fortunate to be able to live out in my proper gender, I drank a coffee, put my lip stick on and motored on over. It was a lovely warm day and I was blessed to be around my brothers and sisters in our GLBT community. We paraded, laughed and shouted " HO HO HOMOPHOBIA GOTO GO" and such up and down the side walk.

We were well documented by radio and television. Makes good copy girls.

Our march was written about in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Dallas Voice

This morning while flipping thru the radio stations I just happened to hear a commentary on a popular show. The speaker was incredulous profesional health care givers would subscribe to these destructive beliefs and lampooned Narth for it. Then he went on to talk about the Barack Obama's refusal to remove the notoriously anti gay McClukin from his South Carolina campaign. THEREBY ELEVATING US TO A NATIONAL NEWS LEVEL!

The 40 some people of Truth Wins Out ****WON OUT****

This is what each of us gender queers can do. We can be seen. We can be heard. We can be proud. Our existance is being recognized evidenced by the agitation of those who want us silenced.