Brittany Novotny Challanging Sally Kerns in Oklahoma District 84 Race

Transgender woman Brittany Novotny, a lawyer from Oklahoma says its time for legislative action on issues not addressed by incumbent Sally Kerns in her past three terms. Ms. Novotny does not wish that her transgender identity be the focus of the election but recognizes that Kern's hate inspiring diatribes are a contributing factor in her decision to run.

KSBI-TV "Rep. Sally Kern thinks Brittany Novotny has chosen to run against her because Kern is known for her anti-gay comments. And Novotny says she's right."

"The way that plays into it, I feel like she's been in the legislature focusing on issues like that that aren't really facing Oklahoma voters right now," said Brittany Novotny, District 84 Candidate."

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Freedom to marry under attack in Maine.

An important message sent on behalf of No on 1 - Protect Maine Equality Campaign

Freedom to marry under attack in Maine.
The freedom to marry is under attack in Maine. We need your help!In less than six weeks, Maine voters will decide on a statewide referendum that could deny same-sex couples the freedom to marry. As usual, anti-gay extremists are doing everything they can to strip LGBT people of this fundamental right. Despite their efforts, polls show the election is very close.But with so much at stake, the No On 1 campaign in Maine needs every one of us to pitch in and make sure that voters in Maine hear from us. It's time to hit the phones!Sign up here to be part of the September 27th Maine Day of Action.

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