Brittany Novotny Challanging Sally Kerns in Oklahoma District 84 Race

Transgender woman Brittany Novotny, a lawyer from Oklahoma says its time for legislative action on issues not addressed by incumbent Sally Kerns in her past three terms. Ms. Novotny does not wish that her transgender identity be the focus of the election but recognizes that Kern's hate inspiring diatribes are a contributing factor in her decision to run.

KSBI-TV "Rep. Sally Kern thinks Brittany Novotny has chosen to run against her because Kern is known for her anti-gay comments. And Novotny says she's right."

"The way that plays into it, I feel like she's been in the legislature focusing on issues like that that aren't really facing Oklahoma voters right now," said Brittany Novotny, District 84 Candidate."

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Jim N said...

Oklahoman Brittany Novotny Makes it Official --
Homo-hating Kern has met her match*

Brittany Novotny has made it official that she's running for Oklahoma state representative on the Democratic ticket.
This means homo-hater GOPer Sally Kern will need to find new employment in December, 2010.
Here's Brittany's webpage http://brittany4hd84.com/ up and running with sign-up link and donation link ready to go.
Read her bio, see the pictures, find her Facebook link, sign up for campaign opportunities.

Brittany can't run for public office without your help. Whether or not you live in HD 84, you can still help by spreading the news and helping in the campaign that can elect Brittany Novotny as an Oklahoma state representative.
Donations can be excepted, within the limits of the law, from anywhere in the USA or abroad.

You can meet Brittany Novotny Tuesday, Sept, 29 at a cookout in her District-- http://tinyurl.com/ybxkjve

Homo-hating Sally Kern, forever playing the victim, blames the media for escalating her remarks about gays, terrorism, and carrying a gun twice illegally into the Oklahoma state capitol building. This might take a few seconds to download, be patient. Believe me, it's worth watching!


or http://tinyurl.com/yahfxlw

More background on Sally Kern's deceitful, theocratic-ridden views of government can be found here:

*Disclaimer: The attitudes, opinions, and links in this email are entirely of my own selection and invention. They should not be attributed to any other person, club, or organization with which I might be associated.

planet trans said...

Thank you Jim N,
This is amazing stuff. Among Jim's links to the story of how....

"Kern[s was] Refused Entry to Bu$h White House

The condemnation by the Republicans
party following her hate filled tirades targeting Muslims and LGBT people.