Transgender Woman Brittany Novotny Challenges Homophobic Sally Kern

It's official. Brittany Novotny has made her intentions clear.


And I couldn't say it better.

Source ...........SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SAY IT!

"Oklahoma may have a savior at hand. An articulate, successful transgender woman is exploring a run against anti-gay state Representative Sally Kern and her backward, hate-inciting agenda. Attorney Brittany Novotny, who is also a community activist, has set up a Website page to accept donations for her exploratory test, after filing Form SO-1 (Statement of Organization) with the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission to begin raising funds for her likely campaign against Kern. Click the above icons to go to her Facebook and Twitter Pages or go directly to her donation site by clicking on the button below."

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"Officially named "Brittany Novotny 4 HD 84 in 2010," the candidate’s committee mailing address is P.O. Box 374; Bethany, OK 73008 and they are now accepting money. Novotny can be reached for campaign purposes at brittany4hd84@gmail.com. William Gleason of Norman, Oklahoma has been named treasurer. The LGBT community, as well as freedom-loving people everywhere, need to do all they can to help point Oklahoma into the 21st Century. We need to show the world that hate is no longer a religious value here and that empathy is now extolled as a God-like virtue. Visit Brittany Novotnoy’s Webpage today, http://www.brittany4hd84.com/, and donate what you can."


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