Trinity MCC Arlington Hosts Shawn Thomas OUT Gay Christian Music Star

Out gay Christian musical sensation to bless Trinity MCC Arlington TX with a live celebration of Christ's all inclusive love!
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Trinity Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)
Street: 1846 W Division #305
City/Town: Arlington, TX
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Come join in the celebration and reception following the event on September 19 at Trinity MCC at 7:00 pm!

Shawn Thomas on line
Trinity MCC My Space
Facebook Event page

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PhyllisMs said...

So sorry, but I get so "sick and tired" of hearing about a "trinity" which there is no such thing. You won't find the word in any bible that has any longivity in it's history. The new ones (bibles) have adapted to suit readership, "but from the begining it was not so"...

Why do you insist on hijacking a bigoted religion frought with hate throughout Europe that lends itself to the right wing political basis in this country?

As Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is not here nor there, but lo', within".

Be your own church, not a member of someone else's. Is the whole world brain washed to be followers, of these repetitive bigots and
hypocritcal "leaderships" who preach against the same things they are committing in secret (stocks and the numbers) and go to great lengths to make the followers "twofold the child of hell than themselves"?