Texas District Judge Rules Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

District Judge Tena Callahan's ruling was immediately challenged by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who maintains that Texas laws prohibiting same sex unions and marriages also deny same gender couples from dissolving these legal unions in Texas.

Judge Callahan believes that becuse federal law was written to protect all Americans it should pertain equally to all.

According to the the Dallas Morning News 'He [Judge Callahan] cited wording in the state Family Code that "the law of this state applies to persons married elsewhere who are domiciled in this state. And he noted that "Black's Law Dictionary defines a person as a 'human being.' "

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by kelli Busey planetransgender


LDS Church turning away from Gay congregants

A Plea for Reconciliation

Although I am not a member og the LDS I would like to sign the petition for reconciliation. I was deeply affected by the incredible outcry of LDS members who visited my blog in disbelief after prop 8 was passed.

Parents caring for infants from the inner sanctum of the LDS walls, became fear stricken. Bewildered they visited planetransgender in the thousands with hopes of understanding WHY was I publishing Church addresses? WHY were there mobs of angry people just outside their church doors?

In their church sponsored ignorance they cradled their babies fearful of the future and suddenly the walls seemed to tremble. Tragically soon some will hold there children again and cry out in anguish WHY? WHY did my church spurn my child, my life, my hope? My child full of love now lays lifeless and we are destitute without his love.

These losses I mourn from far away and yet today the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints walk further distant, turning their backs, cold and silent as the mountain peaks.

All I can offer today is this tiny voice asking for reconciliation. I ask the LDS to please, step back towards your children, your hope. Today.


Salt Lake Tribune Is LDS Church taking a step back on gay issues

STATISTICS COMPARING UTAH WITH THE U.S. GENERAL POPULATION report says Utah students attempt suicide less than their peers nationally-- 7 percent versus 8 percent.

Now the bad news: The actual rate of suicide in Utah is much higher than the national average.

Of the 15 to 24 year olds who died in 1997, 20 percent killed themselves. That makes suicide the state's second-leading single cause of death behind car accidents.