HRC and Youthfirst Texas

An article posted in the Dallas voice by Wayne Arnold Jones titled "Where your Money Goes" may be read by clicking the title.

Mr Arnold's article first draws to attention what one benefactor of the Dallas Black tie, Youthfirst of Texas where I volunteer at, must do in order to be a recipient of the $38,000 dollars(US) it received in 2007 from the Dallas Black Tie.

He next draws attention to the salaries that Joe Solmonese and the seven highest paid HRC executives received last year.

YouthFirst must Generate (tabling) $14,500 dollars to receive $38,000 dollars.

Joe Solmonese compensation was $259,096 in 2007.

The seven highest-paid officers received $1,274,989 in 2007.

The 2007 Dallas Black Tie generated 1.27 million .

Is it just coincidence that the salries of these rich people = the gross of the Dallas Black Tie?

Is everyone ok with this?

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CrackerLilo said...

But it's so difficult not to use obscenity when talking about this! :-)

In my late teens, up to when I moved to NYC at age 30, I wrote for Orlando-area LGBT papers. And when I first came out, it was the "Human Rights Campaign Fund." Quite a few of my older colleagues would jokingly refer to it as the "Human Rights Champagne Fund." So they dealt with that perception by...removing the "Fund" bit from their name. HELPFUL!

They're still the "Human Rights Champagne Fund" to me, and I'll always be happy to explain why to the kids coming up. I bet the ones at YouthFirst know well already.