Nine Weeks For Equality

By Kelli Busey, planetransgender, July 28, 2009

The National Center for Transgender Equality campaign 'Nine Weeks For Equality' provides us an effective, timely roadmap for advocacy. This program will help facilitate our movement towards passage of an inclusive ENDA. One of the first of the nine actions listed is writing a blog article. Each time we place our agenda on the Internet it contributes to an understanding of who we are and what we need.

I started writing planetransgender in 2007. I was furious with Congressman Barney Frank's incomprehensible dissection of transgender people from the equality movement during the 2007 ENDA debacle and HRC's despicable acquiescence.

Early on in my rage, I was fortunate to befriended by the writer of Queers United blog. Under his tutelage, acclaim and admonishment he nurtured my raw desire for effective advocacy. I began to concentrate on attracting and integrating with the larger communities, LGBTQI and straight. Now occasionally new understandings are sometimes discovered and nurtured here. If I am successful our new allies will continue to be interested in our mutual needs as we continue finding new ways to communicate, constantly increasing our diversity and strength.

There are nine other actions listed and who knows, next week I might even try another one.

The National Center for Transgender Equality 'Nine Weeks For Equality'

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Queers United said...

it has been a true blessing and honor getting to know you, and to join you in the fight for a better world for all TBL AND G ;)