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Community Collaborative Projects Gains Momentum

North Texas LGBTQA Coalition Meets July 13

DALLAS - July 7, 2009 - After the events of the past year, from the passing of Proposition 8 to the recent raid on the Rainbow Lounge, the LGBTQA community of North Texas is primed and ready to stand together and coordinate their efforts. Building on past projects, including a community calendar initiative, these organizers hope to bridge the gap between organizations and throughout the community.

Whether you are a part of an established non-profit or new to the North Texas scene, Elizabeth Pax and Beau Heyen, moderators of the newly forming coalition, invite you to attend a strategic planning meeting on Monday, July 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. This meeting will be held at AIDS Arms, Inc located at 219 Sunset Ave, Suite116-A in Oak Cliff.

"We see a great need for people within our community to be able to find resources, events and volunteer opportunities," says Pax, organizer of the recent "meet-up" event after the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Dallas Voice. "With the Voice providing a short list of 'Future Pioneers' I figured now was as good a time as any to get us all together and talk. I was pleasantly surprised at the interest and energy from individuals throughout the community."

Plans for the coalition include online community calendar, resource database and volunteer match features. The coalition, still in the process of creating a name, will use this first official meeting to develop a mission statement and leadership structure. Although Pax and Heyen are moderating the event they have no plans to lead the newly formed organization.

"It is important that new leadership emerges for this organization. With the long history of the LGBTQA community in North Texas we feel that a new leader, or group of leaders, will be best to represent the numerous organizations and community members in the fairest way possible," Heyen stated. "We hope that this meeting will provide some ideas on how to organize this new endeavor for optimal success."

To aide in speeding up the process and effectively using time, discussion boards have already been started on the group's Facebook page. People are encouraged to use the Facebook Group, named North Texas LGBTQA Unity Coalition, to begin the vital conversations about the coalition's future.

"For over 5 years members of the North Texas LGBTQA community have voiced a need for more collaboration throughout the non-profit sector," says Heyen. "We hope to provide an outlet for organizations and interested individuals to merge, but we need as many voices at the table as possible. Now is the time to be heard."

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planet trans said...

I'm excited about this and was at the first meeting. There was a representative from nearly all LGBTQI groups. We missed some ethnic diversity and are extremely aware of that. In order for us to be effective everyone needs to be equally represented.
We broke down into small groups and discussed what each of us hoped to see come of our coalition.
Our spokesman was a HRC representative and I was applauding his presentation of my views.
Wow. Things can change. And get better.
Get to this meeting if you are LGBTQI and want to be able to have some input on the direction of our community in North Texas.