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According to a letter sent by Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief in response to the TABC FT Worth joint actions the Fort Worth police do not have a reputation of heavy handedness, intimidation, inciting criminal behaviour, brutality and false arrests. Mayor Moncrief then go's on to state that although he is confidant that the investigation being pursued by his cities police force into the joint TABC Rainbow Lounge raid is in fact impartial and fair, just for good measure he is calling in the Federal Attorney Generals office now to make sure they do live up to all his expectations.

I say we can not leave this insurance up to the politicians and law enforcement agencies.
Anyone who has come into contact with the Fort Worth police department and announced that a act of civil disobedience was a possibility was informed by the local police that unlike anywhere else in our country, our actions would be pursued to the uppermost possiable level, by law enforcement!

In other words, in Fort Worth the police will trump up the charges, and escalate an incident in order to imprison and fine an individual to the fullest extent of the law. What occurs while one is in the custody of police is often obscured by societies acquiescence to brute force.

Sometimes our countries law does NOT satisfy the Fort Worth's police's desire to enforce it's own version of American justice.

Who else knows this? Evidently Fort Worth Mayor Moncrief does.

Source: Pegasus News content partner - Dallas Voice
by Taymme Nash

"This letter was sent out by Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief on Friday:"

"We all join in wishing Mr. Gibson a speedy and full recovery."

"Currently, two investigations are underway to review the circumstances and events that took place at the Rainbow Lounge early Sunday morning. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is conducting an investigation and the Fort Worth Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is conducting its own investigation."

"I join Police Chief Jeff Halstead in encouraging any eye-witnesses to the events under review to come forward and share their observations."

"Members of the City Council and I have confidence that Chief Halstead is leading a thorough and professional investigation. Once the Fort Worth Police Department’s examination is complete, I have asked the acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, James T. Jacks, to independently review the findings of the Fort Worth Police Department’s investigation to ensure the department has thoroughly and impartially carried out its obligation to all the citizens of Fort Worth. I encourage the TABC to follow the same course."

"Fort Worth has a history of inclusiveness, and the Fort Worth Police Department has a history of responsible and professional service to our citizens. The police department’s internal investigation and the outside review is meant to ensure all citizens are professionally and responsibly represented by our police department. I am most appreciative to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for assisting us in this effort."

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