Integrity Uganda 12 Days of Blessings Episcopal Church's Christian Response

No doubt you have been following recent news about the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill that is currently before the Ugandan Parliament. If passed, LGBT Ugandans could be punished with life imprisonment or even death.

Now, more than ever, LGBT Anglicans in Uganda need our prayers and financial support. That's why Integrity USA's Board of Directors has designated 10% of all donations received during the 100,000 Blessings campaign to the Hopkins Fund for Global Mission—almost all of which will be allocated to the ministry of Integrity Uganda during 2010.

It costs $700 per month to provide the members of Integrity Uganda with a safe meeting space, public transportation to worship, and emergency assistance with basic living expenses. Many members have little or no income--they have been fired from their jobs and ostracized by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Health care for malaria and HIV/AIDS is financially unobtainable for some.

During Christmastide, we're asking you to make a gift to the 100,000 Blessings campaign so that Integrity USA can continue providing vital aid to our sisters and brothers in Uganda . Our goal is to raise at least $8400 for Integrity Uganda during the next 12 days.
Click here to visit the campaign website and make a donation!
A contribution of $1000 or more will qualify you for lifetime membership. If you wish, you may give in honor or memory of a loved one. Remember that donations to Integrity are tax-deductible.--Posted By Integrity USA to Walking With Integrity at 12/24/2009 10:08:00 AM


Queers United said...

I am gonna pray for Uganda it is just sick whats going on.

planet trans said...

Marry Christmas and Thanks QU. I will also. It is SO important for people to understand that God's indescribable love encompasses all, not a select few chosen by nations.

Before the Internet tyrants were capable isolating and exterminating racial and sexual minorities.

No More. We claim our unity, independent of political and religious borders.