Breakin News: Iranians, Ethiopians Seen Moving Towards Israel

This just in: According to sources masses of Persian Maji's have been seen moving towards Bethlehem Israel to find a child and plan to call Him Immanuel, which means,"God With us."

The Egyptian Times reports "King Herod Fooled, Furious at Deception".

King Herod ever mindful of the Iranian terrorism threat was moved to action. The Palace homeland security interned the Maji and using enhanced interrogation technics ascertained that a new star had been discovered and that three Maji priests of the Zarathustra religion had stopped at the Walmart and purchased gifts of gold, and frankincense and myrrh while enroute to the Christ Child.

"King Herod is really pissed" says a unnamed palace source who wished to remain anonymous. The King a orthodox conservative fearful that a new culture of love and inclusiveness might result acted on the information gleaned from the water boarded Maji. The Maji under interrogation had disclosed the exact time the star appeared. Herod then dispatched blackwater agents to the location to find the child and bring him back however they returned and reported the child was not to be found at that address.

King Orders Death To All Children in Bethlehem vicinity.

The Orthodox king Herod fearing that a new religion uniting Persians and Ethiopians alike might be spawned by this Christ child, issued a decree all infants are to be slain in Bethlehem.

Last updated 15 hrs BC.

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