Amarillo Pseudo Church Repent Amarillo now to Boycott Houston

In the wake of Houston's electing mayor Annalise Parker members of the "special forces of Christ" Raven church not only want Amarillo to repent but are also demanding potential visitors to Boycott Houston.

Source:myfoxhouston "BoycottHouston.com recommends that people do not travel to Houston, support Houston sports teams or buy their merchandise or book conferences and conventions in the city. The website also asks that people who have relatives that live in Houston not visit those relatives and instead ask those family members to leave Houston for family gatherings."

"A short video about incidents going on in Amarillo, Texas. Amarillo citizens act now before hate wins. The darkness of the video is to hide my identity so as to protect myself from retribution of repent Amarillo."

According to the group formed to counter repent Amarillo, Citizens against Repent Amarillo the Raven Church who's weekly meetings are held at a local home and sparsely attended should not be taken lightly since the appearance of repent Amarillo's high gloss web page has coincided with harassment of local liberals and the recent closing of a long time entertainment establishment.

In a ironic twist of fate repentHouston may be doing locals a major favor by persuading potential attendees of the upcoming Sarah Palin and Rick Perry election rally to stay outside of city limits.

Become a fan of Amarillo Citizens Against Repent Amarillo facebook page, visit Houston and help to stop this hate group from spreading.

By Kelli Anne Busey

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