Utah Legislator Christine Johnson Carrying Gay Couples Love Child

This story is what we are all about. Love.

After experiencing frustration at not being allowed to adopt and the prohibitively expensive surrogate option a gay couple from Salt Lake City was offered by a friend to be their surrogate mother, at no cost other than those assoiated with child birth.

That this woman is part of the greater LGBT community warms my heart, but that she is a Legislator from Utah makes this story a heart warming testament to our humanity.

Source Salt Lake Tribune: "I can very much empathize with their desire to become parents and share their lives with and open their hearts to a child," Johnson says. "I'm immeasurably grateful to be a mother."

She also plans to be an "aunt" to her soon-to-be newborn, who will be her biological son or daughter. "The child will know I'm its mother," Johnson says, "and it was created with the intent of being loved by many people." Read the full story The Salt Lake Tribune

Love makes a family and life is good.

kelli anne Busey

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