Prop 8 trial fires far reaching battle for freedom of speech

San Fransico, CA. Proponents of same sex marriage equality who recently asked for and were denied a request to open public records to reveal who and what institutions contributed to the vote passing prop 8 have been denied a simular request by the Supreme Court, until at least Wednesday to allow television cameras into the courtroom.

Proponents of marriage equality contend that video graphing of the upcoming court battle would insure freedom of speech by allowing public disclosure of who and what organizations opposed equality during the trial.

Opponents of marriage equality have a diametrically opposite conception of what constitutes freedom of speech in a democratic society.

The opponents of marriage equality beleive people and organizations will only be allowed to operate without fear of retribution if they are not legaly responsible to disclose who and what organizations provide funding and manpower to achieve their goals.

The opponents of marriage equality are petitioning the court to disallow televising or video recording that would be available to public viewing on closed circuits or domains such as You Tube.

The Republic of Iran recently enforced it's ability to censure it's population by electronically shutting down it's border in a attempt to isolate and stifle the voice of freedom. That attempt at silencing it's population's voice resulted in the world's condemnation and unification of political forces previously divided along ideological lines.

The right to publicly confront oppressors in the United States is likely to be ruled on by the Supreme court before marriage equality is ultimately decided.

HT Murcury News Trial over Proposition 8 set to make history

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