Cristan Williams Debates the Nikki Araguz case with fascist Dave Welch

Cristan Williams of the Transgender Center of America agreed to debate on Fox News the controversy surrounding the Nikki Araguz case. Of course the lead questions all were bent to put Cristan at a disadvantage. Happily the Fox channel home-turf was of no benefit to Dave Welch who writes for 'world daily' which publishes extremist pseudo-christian, borderline psychotic right wing screeds. Watch and enjoy.

Welch: "Clearly we are at a point when we have to defend (activate the good ol' boy netwerk) and (re)define (discriminate) with the (Texas) constitutional amendment."

Welch: "You can't legislate on a fractional percentage of society". (like blacks, Jews, transsexuals and woman?)

It is clear.

Welch is a talking head for racist patriarchal white transphobes who would pervert Christianity inorder to facilitate the subjugation of ALL minorities by the Texas legislature.

Yes Welch, we CAN 'undefine' a institution inplaced by the majority that not only discriminates against, but denies minorities by segregation the privileges enjoyed by powerholders, this is America you plastic smiling turd.

Thanks to ENDA Blog's appropriately tittled post How to debate a plastic-smiled turd!