Fort Worth Weekly Writer Jimmy Fowler Fouls Out with "Ticked Off"

Fighting misogony one trashy publication at a time.

Fort Worth Weekly stoops to deceiving, defaming and maligning minorities to increase readership.

"Transgender activists took to the streets to oppose a locally made movie — and made it more successful than ever."
~FW Weekly Tittle and lead paragraph.

FT Worth Weekly author Jimmy Fowler called me and asked if I would interview for a article about TO#WK and my first response was "why now?". I had read the earlier Weekly article which liberally used pejoratives defaming transgender people without attributing the sources and I was very wary. I explained I have turned down similar requests from print and radio media because of their histories of past hate inciting journalism. Fowler reassured me saying previously he was unaware that 'tra##y' was demeaning and that the FW Weekly was blessed with great writers. I was led to beleive it would be a intuitive thought provoking piece.

It was a piece, a piece of crap that is. The second line proclaimed that efforts of all woman to advocate only results in promoting those that would harm us and any further efforts would be futile.

It pissed me off the author claimed ignorance about the word "tra##y. While he never offered he would not use the word 'tra##y' his tone and sincerity suggested that he now understood how harmful that word is for transgender people. That led me to beleive Fowler would at least obscure some of the letters. He did not and in fact Fowler quoted the pitiful excuse Luna made for reneging on his promise to 'blur' tra##y.

In essence, the Fort Worth Weekly is using a pejorative intentionally, being aware of it's injurious nature to transgender people while simultaneously insinuating standing up for our dignity was futile.

It really pissed me off they did not use a photograph of me. The photographer was told I was a principle in the story and that was confirmed by the FT Worth Weekly's Fowler. The FW Weekly had been initially unsure if they were going to pay the photographer for the session, dependent on his editors decision.

These two pictures were supplied by the photographer and should have been next to my interview.

I felt they refrained from including any of my picture from the session was because they wanted the readers to form a perception of my physical being which would not be supported by a photograph showing me as who I truly am.

A beautiful, well adjusted transgender woman.

Why did the Fort Worth Weekly lower itself to such depths?

Of course as anyone who was in the room when Fort Worth city council debated on amending the non discrimination policy to include transgender people will confirm there is a massive contingent of the north Texas population who would See us stoned, raped and institutionalized.

The Fort Worth Weekly editors obviously realized a huge potential for readership and lowered themselves to publish that despicable article catering to sexual perverts, haters and bigots.

I would ask you to comment on the fort Worth Weekly article, but instead of increasing their web visibility, comment here. You will be doing the transgender community good.

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