To Bowling Green With Love from the world's Transgender people!

Transgender led response to the attack on non Ohioans with the hateful misleading mailer being sent to area residents. Pictured are some of the 200 activists of the 5000 member group "TranAction ConVergence" and we would like to introduce ourselves to you with our facebook profile picture. You may recognize some of us as your next door neighbours, and maybe some as state residents but most of us live out of state with some far away as India and Australia! All the pictured are transgender, lesbian, bisexual, gay and allies participating in our TransAction ConVergence event "Picture Yourself in Bowling Green Action Countering Group's Hate Mailer".

We hope all Bowling Green voters see that no matter where we live are just like you. We are the worlds working citizens, just like you. Many of us are fortunate becuse live in places of equality, but sadly avatars sometimes replace photos, true idenities hidden out of fear, because some of us are persecuted becuse we are still living in inequality.
Because like bowling green's "BG Citizens Voting NO to "Special Rights" Discrimination" there are people worldwide who would exclude us from all that society offers. So we want you to know, TransAction ConVergence stands with you, the good people of Bowling Green Ohio with love and ask that you vote yes on Ordinances 7905 and 7906 and vote YES for equality!

Don’t be fooled by lies and distortion. Get the facts on 7905 and 7906
YES on 7905 and 7906
Means that everyone in Bowling Green is treated fairly and equally.

YES on 7905 and 7906
Means that everyone who does their job well has the right to earn a living and provide for their family without fear of being fired.

YES on 7905 and 7906
Adds gay and transgender people, among others, to the current housing and employment laws that protect our residents based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, military status, ancestry and age (replaced by familial status in housing).

YES on 7905 and 7906
Means religious and fraternal organizations and schools can continue to abide by deeply held religious beliefs.

YES on 7905 and 7906
Means we can take action locally to protect all people who live, work and go to school in Bowling Green.

YES on 7905 and 7906
Because everyone wants a safe and private restroom.

Want to learn more? Get the facts and how you can help at onebowlinggreen.org

TransAction ConVergence is utilizing Facebook, the world's largest social network, as a tool to share news and ideas and to advocate.

Utilize this group to connect to other advocates and to inspire change. We are here waiting for you!

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kristy said...

Wow this is great ladies, this is what iam talking about when i say get up and fight. i am very proud of all of you!
Great job!
kristy from cali
If we don't get our stories out, there will never be any change. My prayers go out to everyone who has lost anyone due to any discrimination. Let's stand up people, tell your stories, stand up and fight, it's way overdue.