Bowling Green Anti transgender Political Mailer Campaign Slanders nonresidents

Bowling Green Ohio political action group "BG Citizens Voting No to Special Rights Discrimination" mass mailing being sent to area voters

Click mailer for ABC11 video
The mailer's intentional misgendering and slandering of non resident transgender people is crafted to instill fear, distrust and transphobia in hearts of local Bowling Green voters.

But there's a even more insidious malevolent intent.

This campaign is meant to cow transgender people nationwide. Its purpose is to isolate us individually making us hope for safety in obscure anonymity. They wish to make us subservient to there extremist right wing agenda, fearful of intimidation.

This pseudo political hate group has obtained enough petition signatures to put to vote the Bowling Green human rights ordinances passed by the city council last August.

The BG hate group methods mirrors in many ways mirror the failed recall campaigns waged by local hate groups and defeated by popular vote spearheaded by Michigan's One Kalamazoo and Florida's Equality Gainesville and Equality is Gainesville's Business.

Truth Wins Out!

One Bowling Green responds and is validated as the hateful lies disappear in the presence of truth! There have been no discrimination complaints filed since Kalamazoo ordinance vote or instances of anyone's privacy or safety being compromised by equality in Gainesville.


Marlene said...

Here are links to more TV coverage on the mailers:




planet trans said...

Thanks Marlene, I added the ABC video to the post.