Tell Democratic Senator Carlos I. Uresti and Texas Republican Senators to OPPOSE SB 723

Texas SB 723 is the bill that would remove a court ordered "sex change" from the list of identifying documents that can be used to obtain a marriage license.

But the fallout of this bill should it get passed by the Senate is tragic. There would then be legislative and Judicial precedent in further battles for our opponents to site as they endeavour to render us non citizens in Texas.

All of the of Democratic Texas State Senators have come out in opposition to the bill except one, which would remove the right of Texas Transgender people to Marry.This bill if passed by the Senate surly will be passed by the House to Governor Rick Perry who has stated he would sign it into law.

Carlos I. Uresti (512) 463-0119
The only Texas Democratic Senator who has not publicly opposed SB 723, the bill removing the right of transsexuals to marry in Texas.

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