Dallas Commissioner Dickey says: Transgender and Obesity is the Same NO Protections

At the Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting held on April 19th Commissioner Maurine Dickey stated she would not vote in favor of adding gender identity and expression to the newly amended Dallas County nondiscrimination policy.

Source: Dallas Voice "Dickey told Instant Tea she believes the Commissioners Court’s recent decision to add “sexual orientation” to the policy was “overdue.” However, she said she thinks adding gender identity/expression to the policy could lead to adding “overweight people” or “people with diabetes.”

“I won’t be voting for a special protected class,” Dickey said. “You’ve got to stop somewhere. … It becomes a legal nightmare.”

In response to follow-up questions, Dickey said, “I’m not going to argue with you about it.”
It would then be reasonable to extrapolate Mrs. Dickey feels there would be no benefit to society by adding the 'special interest group' transgender people to the non discrimination policy since we could be cured with reparative therapy the same as obesity can be medically remedied?

Yet Commissioner Dickey voted for chopping off the T and adding Gay people who are in every sense of the word a "special interest group".


Or is Commissioner Dickey's objection to adding transgender people to the County's non discrimination policy suggest something more personal is involved?

The Dallas voice thinks there maybe something more to it "filed a request, under the Texas Public Information Act, seeking any and all records related to the Dallas County Commissioners Court’s decision to add sexual orientation — but not gender identity/expression — to the county’s nondiscrimination policy."

“I’m not going to argue with you about it.”

Dear Commissioner Maurine Dickey, transgender people and obese people are discriminated against but generally in different ways. However transgender people can not be medically cured and unlike obese people, transgender people are murdered for who we are.

Does Maurine Dickey profit by enabling morbid obesity and rabid transphobia?

Undoubtedly her political base has sent her clear signals, keep your job oppose transgender inclusion. And since her husband is the president of the Dickey's BBQ restaurant chain, which operates in 30 states, Maurine Dickey clearly profits from enabling food addictions contributing to morbid obesity. But she doesn't know or care about the causes that lead transgender people to end up dead, unemployment and refusal of access to public accommodations.

The average daily caloric intake of a 30 year old male is approximately 2600 calories. One Dickie's BBQ meal contains a average of 3500 calories

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MadPriest said...

In England, people with diabetes are protected against discrimination. They do not even have to reveal their medical condition on application forms etc. But then we have excellent laws to protect all people with disabilities of any kind. We also have laws to protect people of ethnic and sexual minorities. I think we have arrived at this situation by viewing discrimination as a whole and fighting for justice holistically rather than splitting into various groups and campaigning piecemeal. The idea is firmly planted in our collective mind that discrimination is wrong rather than discrimination against certain groups is wrong. Of course, there are some who still demand the right to discriminate against certain groups of people (the Church being the biggest culprit in this respect). But we have made amazing gains over the last forty years or so.

There is nothing the bigots like better than seeing us split into different groups and even sacrificing others to gain benefit for our own interest group. This is why it was so wrong for gay people to accept the Maryland legislation when transgender people were not happy with it. We must always fight against the haters' attempts to divide and rule and always go for broke. Equality and justice for everybody.