Fox News Mocks Brown University's New SRS Insurance Coverage

Of all the things going on in the world, war, trained killers turning on each other and rape Fox uses its airtime to denigrate a health plan that they have no part of except...its money  in the bank for Fox, pandering to their hateful constituency like that. The Atlantic Wire reports this deplorable conduct by Fox and friends has ignited a firestorm of hate filled commentary on other media outlets.

Brown university's recommendation to the APA that Gender incongruence be removed from the DSM-5 has fallen on deaf ears so Brown did what it could to facilitate our transitions. Brown has now joined with Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and Penn by paying for SRS.

Kelly Garrett, LGBTQ Center coordinator, said she has strongly advocated this change for the past several years. A milestone in the movement to add coverage for these surgeries was the inclusion of hormone treatment in the current school year’s coverage plan, Garrett added. The sexual reassignment procedures that will be covered are “very standard and very comprehensive,” she said.

In the past, transgender students did not have access to sex reassignment surgeries at Brown and often were barred from treatment due to high costs, Garrett said. “I know people where it’s taken them 10 years because they needed to save money,” she said. The LGBTQ Center has no statistics on how many transgender students are at Brown, and it is difficult to get accurate data due to self-reporting and the nature of some students’ gender identity changes during their time in college, she said.

Without Brown would graduate Kate Bornstein have become the person she wanted to be?

HIGH FIVE to Brown and ALL of the other colleges. You are saving lives and molding our future leaders with those same lives. Thank you!

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