Video: Obama On Super Bowl Sunday "Gays and Lesbians Should Be Allowed In The Boy Scouts"

Obama on women in combat, gay Boy Scouts

In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, President Obama discussed the recent decision to allow women to fill combat roles in the military and the Boy Scouts' mulling ending the organization's ban on openly gay members, voicing support for both changes.


LizinLouie said...

Again,Mr. Obama; the best ally we've ever had in the White House mentions Gays & Lesbians while pointedly leaving the "T" out! How about Transgender Boy Scouts? Trans folk in the Military? We will not be left behind any longer, or silent when ignored!

planet trans said...

How many times will the T be omitted by the President before people start believing sexual orientation and gender identity are the same? Zero. You are so right LizinLouie