Montana Transgender Rights Bill 481 Gets First House Hearing

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Montana House Bill HB 481 PDF received its first Judicial committee hearing Tuesday. The bill containing public accommodation provisions still has two more hearing before it can be voted on the House floor.

There were many proponents of the bill but one opponent, Dallas Erickson using the time tested fail fear mongering approach claimed the bill would ruin the state for religion.

The group Erickson claims to represent "Help Our Moral Environment" has no web address that I could locate but is listed by Guide Star without a mission statement or any validating information.

Source Bear Tooth NBC "By the end of the hearing, committee members clarified the goal of the bill. A proponent assured the committee the bill would not change any
definitions that apply to the Montana Human Rights Act, including
distinctly private organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America.
The House Judiciary Committee will hold 2 more hearings on the bill
before taking executive action. If the bill passes, it will go to the
House floor for a full debate.

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