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Equality Maryland Silences past Board President and accuses Advocates of Threatening Legislators

Equality Maryland accuses transgender and equality advocate allies of making threatening calls to their staff and making threats of physical violence against delegates to the Maryland House of representatives!

Equality Maryland alleges that:

These self destructive blanket accusations were made by EQMD to justify its censoring of dissension by deleting comments and banning former members. These unsubstantiated accusation are libellous and sure to disenfranchise even more of its membership who have become increasingly aware of EQMD's oppression.

The FAQ – Censorship, HB 235 and the EQMD Facebook page makes accusations that threats were made not only by marriage advocates who questioned their controversial strategy but transgender people who object to HB235.

Equality Maryland claims it began its censorship after the marriage "vote was taken". This is untrue. Equality Maryland began its censorship of the entire LGBT community on February eighth after Baltimore journalist Danna LaRocca questioned Equality Maryland not about HB235, but its commitment to racial diversity.

Equality advocate David Toth, former Board President of Equality Maryland from Oct 2004 to Jan 2011 is now being censored as well.

The below comment by David Toth on the EQMD note was copied by a friend prior to it being deleted by Equality Maryland........
David B Toth: I have to agree somewhat with T.A. The community would like answers as to why EqMD along with the LGBT caucus and national partnes made this decission. What makes sending it back to committee so "right." There are so many people who put ...alot of effort in volunteering, and than those of us who have put money and time in other ways (even if not seen by all the staff), do you think that they deserved to have the House take a vote, even if it would not pass, to see where the Delegates stand on the issue. Either way the bill was going to die and have to be reintroduced next year."
In this screenshot Mike Toth comment's about the above deleted comment to a person who's was already censored!

Equality Maryland's FAQ stated they are deleting comments because they are "racists" or "threats of violence or intimidation towards our staff, legislative allies, and volunteers."

Once again unsubstantiated allegations of violence made against Equality Maryland. This time the deleted comments were supposedly made against Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Executive Director.


Equality Maryland you are also invited to attend the March rally against HB235 organized by Maryland residents of Transmaryland attended and supported by our national community.

Indeed this is just one more effort by eqMD to quash the will of the transgender people but this time they have stepped too far over the line.

If Equality Maryland could prove these accusations of threatened violence, the LGBT people would ostracize the offenders, never to return to our community and I as a member of EQMD would stand by Morgan Meneses-Sheets in doing so!

But in absence of that.......

Many marriage equality advocates like myself now agree Morgan Meneses-Sheets must resign. Freedom of speech, marriage equality, our very civil rights movement is under attack. Marriage equality and transgender civil rights are suffering.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets must resign.


Maryland Students Today and 55 years ago: Still fighting for Public Accommodations

Fifty five years ago then a college student Dr. Helena Hicks, pictured right, participated in the first ever lunch counter sit in at Reeds, a Maryland department store, protesting black peoples denial of equal access to public accommodations.

Transgender people are still fighting for that same right today. Incredibly, the foe promoting our second class citizenship is "Equality Maryland" a federation member!

On this podcast of The Marc Steiner Show Hicks talks about why Maryland students 55 years ago committed this civil disobedience and why the preservation of this memory is so important.

Hicks recalls “We could go in Read’s and buy a pack of cigarettes or a pack of gum, but you’re hungry and you can’t sit down. It might be cold, it might be raining, it might be snowing and you can’t sit down and drink a hot cup of coffee or cocoa or tea or anything,”

As we all know these courageous acts of defiance ignited the conscious of people of good faith of all colors and eventually resulted in the civil rights act of 1964

Helena Hicks wants to keep developers from tearing down the building that Reeds was housed in so to preserve our memory of this struggle that allowed almost every minority to live as first class citizens.

Today Maryland students are still engaged in the battle for public accommodations. They are asking their state legislators to remember the lessons learned decades ago with blood:
"The 'Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act' bill being introduced into the Maryland house of delegates this session has a serious issue. An issue so big that, if passed, could put full trans equality in the state out of reach for *years*."

"The bill lacks public accommodations protections while providing housing, employment, and credit protections. What this means in practical terms is that trans people can still get thrown out of restaurants, domestic violence shelters, forced off of buses, really most anything."

"Imagine the civil rights act of 1964 without protections in restaurants, bathrooms, buses, etc."

"And if the bill DOES pass without public accommodations, then that protection will be nearly impossible to get because any attempt to bring it to the floor will be met with 'Bathroom bill' and basically get laughed out of committee."
Lessons forgotten! Has Morgan Meneses-Sheets forgotten the value of human dignity?

In a recent conversation with Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Executive Director of Equality Maryland
she incredulously harrumphed when I asked her what reality would be like now if public accommodations had not been included in the civil rights acts.

Yet amazingly she is persisting in promoting Maryland HB235 a transgender "equality" bill without public accommodations.

HB235 is resurrecting the concept of humanity that those who voted against that legislation in 1964 believed in. They believed that people of color, as transphobes do today, could work for them and support their business but that they could not share in their public spaces.

Maryland students understand, why can't Morgan Meneses-Sheets?


Incremental Human rights then and now a Broken Promise to broken dreams

I just finished a call with Morgan Meneses-Sheets executive director of Equality Maryland, pictured left. This was one exhausting and frustrating hour beginning with a conversation and ending in argument.

She will not be convinced Maryland's HB235 without public accommodations provisions is a bad thing. She stated that transgender people can gain equality incrementally comparing our need to use facilities of human necessity to the incremental want to move from civil unions to full marriage equality.

Published today a article by Dana LaRocca at Baltimore OUTLoud that puts things into perspective.

"Lessons from Black History".

Written by Dana LaRocca
"Gloria Richardson’s role in the struggle for black equality is a story of conscience. In the 1960’s white liberals and self-proclaimed leaders crafted a bill leaving her county, Dorchester, exempt from laws banning discrimination in public places. Gloria Richardson organized an adult run affiliate of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Committee (CNAC).

At stake was a referendum that if passed would have ended discrimination in public accommodations in Cambridge, Maryland. Ms. Richardson and CNAC agreed that such discrimination was wrong; what they did not concede was the right of a handful of liberals and youth activists to put their civil rights up for auction. In a counterintuitive move she went door to door telling her neighbors and friends not to vote.

The referendum failed. The Cambridge riots took their place in that grand stratagem known as the civil rights movement.

In 1961 Ambassador Adam Malick Sow of the Republic of Chad was denied service at a restaurant as he traveled through Maryland to meet President Kennedy. Nine incidents involving African diplomats had recently embarrassed Maryland and angered the international community. Compromise in the General Assembly left eleven counties untouched by public accommodations legislation.

Black citizens were not consulted in making the back room deal. Some black incrementalists, as they were called then, were pushed in front of the camera in a sixties version of spin control.

See the rest of the best of this article at

Personally I believe that there are many parallels to be drawn most importantly is that political expediency motivates incrementalism. This was the case in Cambridge forty years ago and is the driving force behind EQMD support of HB235 now.


Take Action! EQMD Now using Full Might to Push Transgender IN=EQUALITY

Click picture for larger size.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets Executive director of Equality Maryland has made it clear this morning. Equality Maryland despite the objections of the transgender community will press forward of HB235.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets sheets said about the prospects of obtaining civil unions this legislative year Gay life "It’s marriage or bust. We are not going to accept anything less.”

Apparently Martin Luther King JR's words only apply to Gay marriage equality. Morgan Meneses-Sheets is using the entire weight of Equality Marryland in calling and emailing the legislature supporting HB235 which does not include public accommodations.

The panel will ecasted live tonite 7 EST/6 CST.

You can post a question to Morgan Meneses-Sheets sheets here.

(posted to the eQuality website 1/20/2011 10:57am ET)

My question goes to Morgan Meneses-Sheets sheets,

Why has Equality Maryland banned Danna LaRoccaa a well spoken transgender journalist from your facebook page. Why has Equality Maryland has continually removed links and comments from transgender people who oppose HB235 as written without public accommodations.

Equality Maryland is censoring the transgender community and attempting to force this bill on transgender people by using the full membership of Equality Maryland to lobby the legislature for HB235.

It is common sense that a bill framed as a "equality" bill without public accommodations is useless. The transgender community is asking you to stop censoring the conversation and let free speech be the bell weather of full transgender equality.

What will it take for you to let this bill die? The transgender community does not want it.