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Transgender Freaks and TDOR Ghoul's: "Ticked Off Tra$$ies With Knives" Commercial Halloween Debut

Ticked Off Tra##ies to be released to coincide with the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Luna's latest sacrilegious impiety intended to injure the living and further desecrate the memory of our transgender dead.

Film director Israel Luna apparently throwing his hands up in disgust after being protested at and turned down by one film festival after another, has opted for a early release, casting his latest failure into the cold November wind, hoping for a place in infamy but in reality simply allowing for it's sad demise along with the other forgettable halloween spook spoofs.

But Luna may never be forgotten or forgiven by the mothers of the murdered children he used to promote this horrendous atrocity. There will be many prayers for the cast during the Transgender Day of Remembrance that they be forgiven for there part in this, Luna's last futile attempt to enrage and humiliate the mothers who's lives were dedicated to loving and caring for their now long gone children.

Finally, Luna has taken the gloves off and officially declared what the transgender community has long known. This was confirmed by the releasing company Fangoria Entertainment's president who stated he is thrilled about Luna's choice of a "Halloween Season".

Israel Luna believes that transgender actress Crystal Summers and the rest of the cast of drag queens in his film are freaks and oddities, just disposable Halloween atrocities to laugh at and discard when Dead. Transgender people are just cold meat to Luna and nothing else.

God have mercy on you Israel Luna.

kelli anne Busey, 7/31/2010