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Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies in the Episcopal Blaze

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies after petitioning the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the only openly gay Anglican Bishop, not to attend the Dallas Black Tie has inadvertently found it's self at a confluence of passion, faith and the possible reshaping of the American Anglican landscape.

The original desire of the Advocates was to illuminate the current struggle of transgender people in light of their exclusion from the national human rights movement (ENDA)as a result of efforts by the group "Human Rights Campaign", their political allies and religion.

Bishop Robinson responded by asking for dialogue, and the "Transgender Conversation" with Bishop Robinson was scheduled for November 22, 2008 to correspond with the day that Bishop Robinson is accepting the Elizabeth Birch award from the Human Rights Campaign.

The uproar that the Episcopal Church is experiencing has escalated with the withdrawal of the Pittsburgh Diocese partly in reaction to the instalment of Bishop Robinson and the voting November 4, 2008 by the Fort Worth Diocese which will determine whether they will follow Pittsburgh and join the "Southern Cone"

In respect of Bishop Robinson's request the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies will hold a moderated conversation in order to maintain the topic's within the agreed boundries.

However the actions of individuals following the conversation may include a vigil, prayer and protest at the site of the fundraiser being conducted by HRC.

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Elizabeth Birch became the Executive Director of the HRC in 1995 was quoted as saying that "trans inclusion in ENDA would take place over her dead body."

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