Ky Dickens new film "Fish Out Of Water"

"Fish out of Water" by film maker Ky Dickens explores the current misconceptions about the bibles interpretation of homosexuality. Ky is featured in the Windy City Times December 12 2008 edition.

"Religion is a complicated topic. Add in homosexuality, and get ready for an onslaught of people saying, “You're wrong,” “That's sinful” and “We'll never see eye to eye.”

"With her new documentary, Fish Out of Water, Chicago filmmaker Ky Dickens tackles both sides with an arsenal of honesty, passion and a little yellow bird."

"Windy City Times recently caught up with Dickens to gain some insight into this ambitious process."

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Center Stage Chicago theater editor Alicia Eler interviews film maker and director Ky Dickens about her forthcoming revolutionary Ani-Doc film Fish Out of Water.

planetransgender story
Fish Out of Water - "Every thing you have ever heard about homosexuality and the Bible is going to be turned inside Out!"

Fish Out of Water Blog

By Kelli Busey
Dec 28, 2008

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