UK Commission Condemns Largest Irish paper for using "Tranny"

Our transgender brethren in the United Kingdom are fighting for the right to be respected and treated with dignity, as we do here in the states. Our struggles are similar in that transmisogyny's roots are the same. Many gay and heterosexual's, religious or not, abhor us and attempt to shred our dignity by hijacking our identity.

Tranny is to a transgender person like Faggot to a gay man and Nigger is to a person of color.

Good God. Or maybe god is also one of the problems.

Its not improper touching! Its fucking rape!

But maybe good god's love is not to blame. Maybe its gods word being hijacked by the Catholic Church in its attempts to divert attention from seemingly endless disclosures of child rape and cover up? Possibly the catholics pressures it's media contacts to misdirect the public outrage that rightfully should be directed at the perpetrators of these heinous criminal acts of rape committed against children.

And who would draw that ire more than Keira McCormack, a transgender woman who counsels rape victims in Belfast Ireland? Keira McCormack filed a complaint over the use of tranny in the headlines of the largest paper in the UK and has won a victory for transgender people to own our identity. The UK's Press Complaints Commission said the use of the word [tranny] was pejorative and upheld the complaint.

It's time the catholic Church allowed children to own their own identity as well.

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MadPriest said...

I'm worried there's a bit of "We're not like those kinky transvestites and shapeshifters*" in this complaint. At the moment transsexuals are in danger of being ditched by the gays and lesbians as LGs achieve more acceptance in society. I would hate it if there came a point when transsexuals are accepted and they ditch the next group down the line of acceptability.

*"shapeshifter" is a MadPriest term for those who can chop and change their sexuality and be reasonably comfortable presenting as male or female.