London Wake UP! It's Kelli 'transphobic cultural imperialistic bigot' Busey Calling

I'm being called a transatlantic capitalistic cultural imperialist because I objected to a drag queen partying at the London TDOR with a rendition of 'I'm a tra##y'. Well London peeps, some of your own country's trans folk are equally upset about this.

I wouldn't have even know about it if it hadn't been for your own country woman's blog post expressing her abhorrence of what you did.

I said essentially the same thing Helen did, but as is my style, I took it further, inflaming passions and yes even pushing the envelope of decency and creditability.

But the essence of my objection remains valid and unanswered by your indignation.

How can you justify so offending any portion of your community just to satisfy your sense of rebellion?

Cultural Imperialism. Excuse me for jumping to avoid your jerking knees.

The Internet has long been used to mix our nationalities unique sensitivities and create new social mores. We have all long 'capitalised' on that fact without any of the participants of the London TDOR before voicing there objections.

Am I wrong about the 'T' word? Could be wouldn't be the last time. But here's the 'rub'.

I use history as my tool to validate.

The 'N' word at one time was used widely as a form of rebellion and self identity much as those who insist on using the 'T' word do now. At the height of the rioting the 'N' word was a battle cry, but ultimately it's usage was devastatingly detrimental.

Since the pejorative 'ni##er' has become mainly unheard, POC and others are now being understood, loved and respected by each other as never before.

After the 'T' word runs it course as he 'N' word did, history will be replayed and we will see the same results.

I just hope some peeps do wake up so this doesn't take as long.


Claire Louise Swinford said...

I believe, after much thought, I have distilled my feelings on this down to a few very clear points.

1. I do not call myself tra**y for the same reasons Gloria Allred does not call herself a whore.

2. Apparently I still have a sense of decorum. Because when I pass on, if anyone decides a drag show is an appropriate memorial for me, I will come back and haunt them for eternity. I am not even sure that is possible, but I will find a way.

Unknown said...

Personally the word tranny doesn't bother me. I could be called much worse. Honestly I just get called a woman. I think transgender people are getting a bit over sensitive. I've never had anybody be mean to me even though I live in a hick town. I also think that if trans people don't want to be called tranny they shouldn't use the word themselves either. Thank you for letting me rant. Lol

MadPriest said...

"Skank" is American slang. In England, "skank" means a type of dance you do to reggae music. Quite often words mean different things in different countries.

Charles CĂ©leste Hutchins said...

Miss Kimberly IS A WOMAN. FFS, why are you insisting that she's not?

If you're under the impression that your continued uninformed posting is going to make you relevant to trans people in the UK, you are sorely mistaken.

TransAngelsTalk said...

I have a few questions for you, CSH. If the person (Miss Kim) is a woman as you claim, can you answer these?

1. Has this person actively pursued or is pursuing a medically approved course of hormone treatment?

2. Has this person begun or is continuing an approved course of therapeutic psychological treatment to determine their mental health to make a decision such as this?

3. Is this person currently and actively living the Real Life Test, without extravagance (no feather boa's please)?

4. Is this person vocally and verbally active in the public domain, such as advocacy for the rights of persons of Transsexual history?

5. Does this person realize that being in the public domain, all their actions are subject to scrutiny?

And finally:

6. Is this person now, or have they ever, formally declared to their physician their intent to pursue, or have they completed, their path to Genital Reconstruction Surgery?

With the exception of numbers 4 & 5, if the answers are NO to the others, at best this person may be a transgender, but is not a woman of transsexual history, and as a stage performer, will be viewed as nothing more than a drag queen no matter the words you may use. Again I'll ask, "Think about it!" And before you start to curse me, understand that I come from 34 years worth of herstory, and I am far older than that.

Claire Louise Swinford said...

so she is a woman, and we cant call her a drag queen because she is not a man? But she is not a male impersonator, so drag king does not fit either.

So, what would we call a woman impersonating a man impersonating a woman? My vote: ridiculous.