The Trentonian newspaper's Christmas Kick in the Teeth with 'Tranny' headline

Original story follows this update.

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Updated Dec 01, 2010: The Trentonian newspaper replaces 'tranny' in headline with 'transgender'.

The Newspaper evidently unaware of the problematic nature of the word 'tranny' made the change after being alerted by GLAAD which linked this article in it's announcement.

I would like to thank the Trentonian on behalf of the majority of trans folk who were offended by this pejorative and for your making this correction so quickly. Thank you GLAAD and Aaron Nobel, Merry Christmas!

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Original story published Nov 29, 2010:

The Trentonian headline published Sunday, November 28, 2010 reads "Trannies rejoice because they're finding jobs at Goodwill store."

In a holiday slap down aimed at trans people the Trentonian headlined this article with the pejorative 'tranny' ignoring the LGBT media guide ostensibly to rejoice in there good fortune.

Aaron Nobel's insidious intent.

The Trentonian's editor, Aaron Nobel knew it would be a win-win. He knew that a New Jersey newspapers story about transgender people in California would probably create little or no interest among his normal readership, and evidenced by it lack of recommendations, he was correct.

The Trentonian's editor is not ignorant about the harm he's doing.

Aaron Nobel knew this article would intense create controversy since this pejorative used once in the headline would elicit intense immediate condemnation from many trans activists, such as myself.

Aaron Nobel also knew this article would be indignantly self righteously defended by a majority of LGBT and hetero readers as well as our unrelenting foe, the predacious misogynists, because the remainder of the story was well written, celebratory and respectful.

As wonderfull as finding any job in these hard economic times are I have issues with this article because.....

The employees were slandered since none of transgender people interviewed specifically identified as a 'tranny'. The word 'tranny' was not used again in the article.

The headline suggests that 'trannies' would do very well to accept a minimum wage temporary retail job at a second hand store.

The title suggests that transgender people should be eternally grateful for and satisfied with menial jobs.

The title suggests a glass ceiling for transgender people, this being the most meaningful form of employment one could expect.

The majority of trans people detest this word as shown in a recent survey we strongly perfer it not to be used by cisgender media, gay or hetreo.

To put this into perspective.....

I am a transgender woman who last year after two years of unemployment found a temporary position in retail much as these woman have.

I have since been brought on permanent by this employer but survive at a pay rate 1/3 of the governments level for indigence.

I have been denied employment in the field I previously held since I transitioned. This retail job is NOT all I am capable of and I deeply resent this newspapers headline which suggests it is.

Merry Christmas Aaron Nobel.

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Unknown said...

Glad to see that culturally backward folk are exposed. As one having doors repeatedly slammed before me, I fully know the frustration of the job hunt.