NAACP Holds First Lesbian Gay Town Hall Without a SINGLE Black Transgender Panelist!

Transgender and Bi community beware. You have been excluded from presenting as a panelist at the first ever LG(bt) NAACP conference despite concerted efforts by our sisters of color.

The NAACP is committing the same crimes perpetrated against us, not with physical violence but by dismissing us and ignoring our sisters as they attempted to stand up and be counted! Just like the police do.

Black transgender people are being slaughtered. Police ignore us. The NAACP ignores us.

A REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL COALITION OF ANTI-VIOLENCE PROGRAMS found in comparision to cisgender Lesbian and Gay people that 44% of LGBTQH murder victims were transgender women, transgender people of color were 2 times as likely to experience assault, 1.5 times more likely to experience intimidation, were almost 2.5 times more likely to experience discrimination.

Transgender survivors experienced higher rates of serious injuries (11.8%) and that 75% of transgender men and 20% of transgender women did not receive needed medical attention for their injuries compared with a overall avg of 15% of Lesbian and Gay people.

Transgender women were the least likely to report to police. 25.4% of transgender women did not make a report. Transgender people of color reported higher rates of indifferent police attitudes. 48.3% of transgender people of color reported that police attitudes were indifferent, compared with 7.7% of non-transgender white survivors.

Police were more likely to arrest offenders when survivors were gay non-transgender men. People who identified as gay, largely gay non-transgender men, made up 69% of the total amount of people whose offender was arrested.

Non-transgender men were majority of offenders (NOTE: sexuality of offenders NOT defined). Non-transgender men were 76.1% of offenders in 2010, and 23.8% of offenders were non-transgender women. There was only one transgender hate violence offender recorded in 2010 (0.1%).

Who's committing these crimes? The demographic speaking for us and assimilating our culture at the NAACP Gay town hall!!

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