Rachael's Cafe Just a little place in Indiana free of Prejudice

Rachael's Cafe is a play that needs our help.

Why this play?
RACHAEL’s CAFÉ is first and foremost an intelligent, daring and entertaining piece of theatre, that brings to the theatregoing public a normally taboo subject in a refreshing and enlightening manner.

One thing that this play shows so clearly is that no matter how different some people may look or seem to us, our needs, our fears and our dreams are just the same.

With your support we hope to give the GLBT community an accessible platform to increase public awareness and understanding of Transgenders, gender dysphoria etc.

Rachael's Cafe - The Play

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Lorraine said...

We're in Edinburgh now at the festival and getting lots of **** reviews which is very exciting. If you're in Edinburgh come and support us, if not then please post about us on twitter and facebook, we really need your support to make sure that this show gets a tour. Thanks x