Academic Freedom 1 Religious & Political Intolerance 0: ULL Keeps LGBT Minor

High Five in the heart of Dixie! LGBT Studies Stays!

Much love to the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) President, Dr. Joe Savoie for refusing to be bullied by a posse of "strategic pastors" who visited him intent on forcing him to brake school rules and use his influence to change the curriculum developed by the school's facility.See 2012 Principles Of Accreditation SACS 3.2.4 .

High Five in the heart of Dixie!

Much love to Dr. Joe Savoie again as he refused to to bullied by a rabid right wing politician intent on showing how much more Conservative he is than his political opponent.

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When it's all boiled down Congressman Jeff Landry's and Louisiana Family Forum grievances are not financially motivated or have any basis in procedural protocol, its all about hate.

Finally high fives to Gene Mills, of the Louisiana Family Forum for P.S. of his attack on educational freedom by reminding his cohorts to attend a political fundraiser at his church.

Dr. Savoie can be reached at (337) 482-6203 or by email: president@louisiana.edu.

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